Suggestions for updating louver bifold doors

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Suggestions for updating louver bifold doors - dating sites like plentyoffish

Designer Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design used a custom track lighting system with directional, low-wattage pendant lights.Directional lights are great for illuminating specific items in the closet.

Mirrored closet doors, so popular during the 70s and 80s, are the bane of renters everywhere.

Make the window the centerpiece of your space, and you can really see how you look in that little black dress.

Design by LDa Architecture & Interiors Add a classy focal point to your closet if you have some extra square footage.

These doors may make your room look bigger, but they will never make it look better.

That is, unless you add geometric frost to the glass for a whole ‘nother vibe altogether.

Combined with a flat sandy-toned paint, this lighting style gives off a cozy glow instead of a stark fluorescent color.

The decorative vases, pullout belt trays and hanging sections give it a special touch.

If you're working with a small space, complement your closet's lighting with high-gloss white paint on your walls, shelves and drawers.

Suzanne Haughland of Decori Designs says the high beams will bounce off of the white, making the space look wider and more inviting.

Imagine what other thin, inexpensive materials could be easily attached. This super simple project yields an amazing difference.

Abby gave her dull wood doors a permanent upgrade by attaching wood casing (trim) to her bifold doors and applying a fresh coat of paint. You can disguise the closet completely—and put it to good use—by turning it into a surface for art with chalkboard paint. For more DIY project ideas, consider:5 DIY Wall Treatment Ideas 20 Clever Ideas for Repurposed Storage 5 “Make in a Weekend” DIY Bookshelf Projects All of the Best Hands-on Tutorials from Bob Get the nitty-gritty details you need—and the jaw-dropping inspiration you want—from our collection of the favorite projects ever featured on Bob

There’s the big stuff—renovations, major appliances, new suites of furniture—any of which can make an obvious impact in your home.

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