Id wechat girl porn

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Id wechat girl porn

I remember visiting once on a Tuesday night at around 10 pm and the place was almost full.I had a Japanese guy seated directly to my left and a Chinese guy sleeping and snoring directly to my right.

To give you an idea of the prices at Rio I can tell you that a sauna session including two dick and ball massages, two foot massages, two head and should massages and a round of full service fun with a Chinese gal will come out to be about 3650 Hong Kong Dollars, which is the equivalent of 0 US dollars. If you get into ad-ons like the private lounge room and milk baths it’s going to be even more than that.The light pink outfits are worn by the women who do other massages.The light red outfits, which look a lot like the light pink outfits, are worn by the women who do the “thigh massages.” Those who have read my previous sauna reviews or who are otherwise familiar with the scene will know that your thighs don’t get nearly as much attention as your dick and balls do during these massages. An attendant recently told me they are no longer allowing them in private rooms as some customers were going for the cheap happy ending then heading out the door.A full room can really cut into the “executive imagine” I referred to earlier. Like the other saunas, these attendants were special colored outfits to indicate their work.The light green outfits are worn by the women who do foot massages.This may sound like a small complaint but when I’m shelling out hundreds of dollars I expect a certain level of treatment. Rio does have a pretty extensive paid food menu that’s larger than any other I’ve seen. There can be a hundred or more women on call at any given time and all it takes to see them is to ask for it.

I’ve ordered from it a few times but I didn’t get anything that much better than what’s given at no cost. The management usually tries to find at least one other customer to make it more worth their while but they’ll go on if it’s only you. I prefer when they’re done right in front of your lounge chair as they are at places like Famile Nobre and Golden Sauna but I understand why it’s done this way at Rio with so many women working here.

That really means something since all the saunas are basically top of the line when it comes to male entertainment.

Rio is comparable to most other saunas but it has a sort of executive or first class feel about it. Rio is also one of the most expensive saunas in town. Drop your things in the locker, take a shower, take a dip, and head into the lounge.

There’s nothing special to mention about the attendants who help with these things.

The lounge room on the other hand is a little special.

It’s not necessarily any different or even any better than other sauna lounges, it’s just gigantic. What’s great is that they face televisions and walls rather than other chairs as is common in Macau saunas.