Howie do it dating show

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Season 2, Episode 5April 3, 2009A woman appears on a fixed game show; Howie's new assistant fires the wrong person; Howie poses as an inept concierge; and a man dresses in a banana costume to deliver a singing telegram to a hospital patient.Season 2, Episode 4April 3, 2009A man is mistaken for a murder suspect after he dons a bunny suit to wish someone a happy birthday; taste testers learn what they've just eaten; Vic asks annoying questions; and a TV judge must make a grave decision.

Season 1, Episode 2January 16, 2009A woman lands a gig in an infomercial for a stain remover that doesn't work; a pair are cast in a magic-instruction DVD with a bumbling magician; and a group participate in a "Break In Makeover" reality show but learn they've targeted the wrong house.

" /Lots of innuendo hinting at sexual topics like masturbation, foreplay, and intercourse.

In one scene, a man says to a woman, "You have really nice legs. " In another, a man (wearing a shirt that says "Damn right I'm good in bed") watches as his girlfriend and another guy make out in bed. Parents need to know that this prank show gets laughs from putting unsuspecting people in uncomfortable situations.

Season 1, Episode 11February 27, 2009Men try out for a hosting gig for the show "Man's Man," but they find that being masculine isn't what they thought; a woman tries to maintain order backstage at "Maury Povich"; and a ventriloquist has unusual advice for his protégés.

Season 2, Episode 12May 1, 2009Criss Angel holds auditions to find a new assistant; a man helps out on a pet infomercial but makes a big mistake; a man is trapped in a small room with 15 sick people; and Howie asks people serious questions and then laughs at their responses.

" The theme song to the show is a remix of "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan.

Mandel also served as an executive producer of the series, along with Scott Hallock and Kevin Healy of Spy TV, and Morgan Elliot and Michael Rotenberg. The studio segments were filmed at Caesars Windsor August 24, 25 and 26, 2008.

Season 1, Episode 5January 23, 2009A powerful shampoo causes a man's hair to fall out; Howie poses as a bumbling ticket agent at Universal Studios; a game show leaves its contestants in need of medical attention; and Vic gets close to his interview subjects.

Season 1, Episode 6January 30, 2009An interpretive dance is inspired by a bowl of pasta; two women volunteer at an auction but discover they've really been bidding on items; and a woman invites her family to witness her marriage to a stranger on a new TV show.

Season 2, Episode 7April 10, 2009A dating show takes an unexpected turn; a man participates in a botched marriage proposal; Alex challenges people to catch marshmallows in their mouths to win cash; and a man takes a job at a funeral home that has just lost a body.

Season 2, Episode 6April 10, 2009A pair is blamed for an accident involving a priceless statue; a woman endures an odd audition; a woman smears men's faces with black makeup while interviewing them about their grooming habits; and a woman fills in for a bride during a wedding rehearsal.

Parents need to know that this prank show gets laughs from putting unsuspecting people in uncomfortable situations.