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All That Matters Bolton's career trajectory would seem to provide evidence that Samson syndrome is not just the stuff of myth.

She accepts the job, realizing after the first day that she's going to have to babysit for both my daughter and me."" data-reactid="46", in which he is set to play a "caricaturized" version of himself.But after he got his news-shattering haircut, 1997's became the first since then not to reach the top 200, even though it was the sequel to an album that had reached No. Back in late '97, he was dating Judd, of whom he then said: "Ashley was the first person to say that she actually kind of missed my long hair.1 and sold 4 million copies just seven years earlier. I went back to the studio after I got the haircut..."If they like what they read, we shoot the pilot in the spring," he said last month. So [I find] this girl, this young 24, 25-year-old journalist who's really well grounded..."If they like the pilot, I'm on the air in the fall. and I bring her in and I want her to be the bridge in this relationship between me and my daughter.These are the questions we ponder as the top balladeer of the early '90s turns 60 on February 26.

Back in his heyday, there were tens of thousands of hair-metal singers...To put it in perspective, he's spent about two and a half times as long with short hair as he ever spent in the limelight as a long-tressed superstar.The Soul Of It All, that delves into his romances with such starlets as Ashley Judd, Teri Hatcher, and Nicolette Sheridan, all anyone interviewing him wants to know is: Does he regret the dated signature hairstyle, and/or the loss of it?Bolton demanded satisfaction: "I think he should apologize publicly and he should be reprimanded for it," he said after leaving the show.Office Space notoriety, with the 1999 Mike Judge comedy that had a character ruing having the same name as the "no-talent ass-clown." It wasn't easy to tell if Bolton—the real-life Bolton—had a sense of humor about this.I was definitely insecure about it, I felt kind of naked without it... people were coming in to look at me and they were being extremely complimentary.

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