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In the drawings, like reference numerals refer to like parts throughout the various figures unless otherwise specified.For a better understanding of the present invention, reference will be made to the following Detailed Description, which is to be read in association with the accompanying drawings, wherein: illustrates a logical flow diagram generally showing one embodiment of a process for determining characteristics of an event and for determining a social network of a member associated with the event; The present invention now will be described more fully hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings, which form a part hereof, and which show, by way of illustration, specific embodiments by which the invention may be practiced.

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One aspect of our everyday lives that may benefit from online social networking technology involves the aspect that social gatherings may often occur in a less than organized, impromptu fashion.

For example, people may decide, online to get together at some restaurant, club, or the like, almost immediately.

Users may meet each other at such social gatherings and may further wish to interact with each other.

However, a user may not know or remember how to contact the other person.

A device, system, and method are directed towards enabling a user to disambiguate an identity of a member included in a user's social network (USN), and towards enabling an operation to be performed based on information about the member. Based on the selection, information about the selected member is received. 31, 2006, the benefits of which are claimed under 35 U. The present invention relates generally to mobile communications and, more particularly, but not exclusively to enabling a communication based on a non-unique identifier associated with a user within a social network.

If the NID is non-unique within the USN, member distinctions are determined for members in the USN who are associated with the same NID. The user makes a selection of one of the members associated with one of the member distinctions. §120, and further incorporated herein by reference.Throughout the specification and claims, the following terms take the meanings explicitly associated herein, unless the context clearly dictates otherwise.The phrase “in one embodiment” as used herein does not necessarily refer to the same embodiment, though it may.This utility patent application is a Continuation of allowed U. They have been called the new power lunch tables and new golf courses for business life in the U. Moreover, many people are using such online social networks to reconnect themselves to their friends, their neighborhood, their community, and to otherwise stay in touch.The development of such online social networks touch countless aspects of our everyday lives, providing instant access to people of similar mindsets, and enabling us to form partnerships with more people in more ways than ever before.The operation is enabled to be performed based on the information about the selected member.

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