Dating chiefland florida

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Dating chiefland florida

As a result of the growth, the US Congress appropriated funds for a lighthouse on Seahorse Key in 1850. The lighthouse lantern is 28 feet (8.5 m) above the ground, but the lighthouse sits on a 47-foot-high (14 m) hill, putting the light 75 feet (23 m) above sea level. Wood-frame residences were added to each side of the lighthouse several years later.David Levy Yulee, US senator and president of the Florida Railroad, had acquired most of Way Key to house the railroad's terminal facilities.

The only ancient burial found in Cedar Key was a 2,000-year-old skeleton found in 1999.

A town was platted on Way Key in 1859, and Parsons and Hale's General Store, which is now the Island Hotel, was built there in the same year.

On March 1, 1861, the first train arrived in Cedar Key, just weeks before the Civil War began.

In October 1862 a Union raid destroyed sixty kettles on Salt Key capable of producing 150 bushels of salt a day.

The Union occupied the Cedar Keys in early 1864, staying for the remainder of the war.

In 1865, the Eberhard Faber mill was built on Atsena Otie Key.

The Eagle Pencil Company mill was built on Way Key, and Way Key, with its railroad terminal, surpassed Atsena Otie Key in population.

Some Seminole leaders had been meeting with Army officers at Depot Key to negotiate their surrender or a retreat to a reservation in the Everglades.

After the hurricane, the Seminoles refused to return to the area. Worth had declared the war to be over in August 1842, and Depot Key was abandoned by the Army after the hurricane.

In 1843, he bought the buildings on the island, and built some cottages for wealthy guests.

In 1844, he became the Collector of Customs for the port of Cedar Key, as well as for Tampa.

A post office named "Cedar Key" was established on Atsena Otie Key in 1845.

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