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*1c, Debt Consolidation Calculator For Home Owners With Two Mortgages, is for those with existing first and second mortgages who have a variety of consolidation options. Consolidate Non-Mortgage Debt in First - means that you consolidate your existing non-mortgage debt by doing a cash-out refinance on your first mortgage, leaving your second mortgage as it is.Consolidate 2nd Mortgage in First - means that you consolidate your existing second mortgage by doing a cash-out refinance on your first mortgage, leaving non-mortgage debt as it is.

Learn more » Veterans, members of the Armed Forces and family members who incur debts as a result of their participation in most VA compensation, pension and education programs as well as home loans closed before January 1, 1990, receive letters from DMC notifying them of their rights as well as their obligation to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs. We have added staff and telephone lines to handle your call. Paul, MN 55111We would highly appreciate it if you took a few minutes to complete a brief survey on your most recent experience with the Debt Management Center’s Call Center. Please read the following: Privacy Act Information: Information, including your VA claim number or Social Security Number, furnished on checks, cashier’s checks (bank drafts) and money orders made in payment of a debt is used to associate a payment with an accounts receivable record so we may properly credit the account. However, without disclosure, we may require payment by some other methods. The routine uses for which VA may disclose the information can be found in VA systems of records, including 58VA21/22/28, Compensation, Pension, Education and Rehabilitation Records-VA, and 88VA244, Accounts Receivable Records-VA.The second type of information the calculator provides about all the options is their total cost over a period specified by the user.If the user’s time horizon is, say, 5 years, the total cost of each option is the sum of the monthly payments over 5 years including lost interest, less the tax savings and reduction in total debt over that period.It is very important that you shop around for the best deal from high street and internet lenders.If you are viewed as a poor credit risk, it is possible that a good deal may not be available to you.The payment would be 49, which is higher than the payment under the comprehensive consolidation option, although well below the status quo payment of 90.

More important, the total cost would be the lowest of all the options at ,867.Minimizing this cost should be the borrower's major objective."I have two mortgages plus a lot of short-term debt with high interest rates.If you have a debt with us, you may have questions concerning payment plans, amounts offset from your benefit payments and what to do if payment of the debt would cause hardship. Our Toll free number is 1-800-827-0648, for international callers 1-612-713-6415 If you have trouble reaching us by phone, please try again later in the day or consider these alternatives: U. Department of Veterans Affairs Debt Management Center P. Personally identifiable information is protected from unauthorized disclosure by 38 U. VA systems of records and alterations to the systems are published in the and can be reviewed at VA Privacy Act System of Records.Many answers can be found on this page and other pages of this Web site. We experience our highest call volumes on Mondays and throughout the first week of each month. Any information provided by you, including your Social Security Number, may be used in computer matching programs conducted in connection with any proceeding for the collection of an amount owed by virtue of participation in any benefit program administered by VA.Because my house has appreciated substantially in recent years, I’m sure I can save money by consolidating the short-term debt into one of my mortgages, but which one?

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