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Those “no’s” that I tell her come from a place of love and wanting to protect every part of her, not a place of trying to withhold something good from her.Certain things that are a no now for her will be a yes one day and will be so amazing. I have heard a statement made a few times by girls in relationships pushing close to, or even having, sex.

But this topic I am going to write from my perspective as a Christian.

We went to their conference, got the True Love Waits ring, and filled out the card saying we would wait to have sex until our wedding night.

I wore my True Love Waits ring on my wedding finger as a sign and a reminder to myself that I was waiting for my husband.

One is that we are women who can’t be told what to do by men.

But yet at the same time we are also being told by subliminal messages that we need to be sexual and show our bodies in order to have a man want us.

Last week I published a guest blog by my friend Kim Tracy Prince — Girl Talk: A Woman’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day.

I felt it only appropriate to respond in kind though I wrote why Guys Hate Valentine’s Day last year.Note: I’m not going to cheat and simply steal from my previous column, though there may be repeats because they stand out so clearly to me. We know it from experience and then it gets even worse each year because we’re trying to learn from our previous disasters.As we all know, that can sometimes backfire when we over-compensate with our efforts.I truly believe in the grace, forgiveness and goodness of God.🙂 When I was growing up the “True Love Waits” movement was very big.So, a washer-dryer might follow the year we got her a vacuum cleaner and slept on the couch because we simpletons think the vacuum cleaner was too cheap a gift (which is why we thought getting the more expensive washer-dryer was really smart)! Going out on Valentine’s Day is almost as ugly as going out on New Year’s Eve.

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