Warrington dating agency

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Warrington dating agency

Dahrendorf, Warden of St Antony's College, Oxford; Robert (Robin) Leigh-Pemberton, Governor, Bank of England and Lord Lt of Kent; Sir Yehudi Menuhin, violinist, conductor.Privy Counsellors Roger Norman Freeman, MP for Kettering, for political service; Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, MP for Ealing Acton, for political service.

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ORDER OF THE BATH KNIGHTS COMMANDER (KCB) Peter Graham, QC, First Parliamentary Counsel.Roger Kent, director, Waverley Care Trust, for public service in Scotland; Bernard Henry Knight, Professor of Forensic Pathology, University of Wales College of Medicine, honorary consultant pathologist to South Glamorgan Health Authority; Michael Frederick Knox, grade 5, HM Board of Custom and Excise.Norman Lessels, chairman, Standard Life, for services to the insurance industry; Robert Patrick Lister, chairman, Board of Governors, Coventry University; Paul Edward Loveluck, chief executive, Wales Tourist Board, for services to tourism in Wales; Stuart Randolph Lyons, chairman and chief executive, Royal Doulton, for services to the china industry.ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE OFFICERS (OBE) Dr Gary James Keith Acres, director, technology planning, Johnson Matthey, for services to energy efficiency; William Joseph Ainsley, senior manager, Chevaline Performance Group, British Aerospace (Dynamics), for services to the defence industry; James Napier Alison, HM Staff Inspector of Schools, Scottish Office Education Department; Dr Anthony Allibone, chairman, Health Committee, General Medical Council; Keith Appelbee, lately managing director, GEC Alsthom Traction, for services to export and to the engineering industry; Edward George Arnold, principal professional and technology officer, Ministry of Defence; Michael Terence Aspel, television presenter, Independent Television, for services to broadcasting; Kenneth Bains, Inspector of Taxes SP, HM Board of Inland Revenue; Robert Melville Balfour, for political service; Alan Douglas Barker, treasurer, Princess Mary House Branch; financial adviser, West Yorkshire Branch, British Red Cross Society; David Maxwell Barker, for political service; Dr Keith Chartres Barnett, for services to the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket; Michael Allen Barrett, general secretary and treasurer, National League of the Blind and Disabled, for services to the blind and the disabled; Mrs Margaret Baskerville, veterinary officer, Ministry of Defence; Trevor Bassett, Chief Fire Officer, Dorset Fire Brigade; John Garry Beaumont, executive director and chief ship surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, for services to the shipping industry; John Charles Beech, grade 7, Department of the Environment; Mrs Lilian Margery Bennett, chairman, Manpower, for services to employment and to the Butler Trust; Gordon Harry Berlyne, for services to the public and to the community in Manchester; Dr Maurice Bichard, technical director, Pig Improvement Company, for services to the pig breeding industry; Cedric George Blackbourne, managing director, Karl Construction, for services to the construction industry in Northern Ireland; Kenneth William Blyth, secretary, Independent Television Commission, for services to broadcasting; Edwin Seymour Bontoft, honorary treasurer, Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR), for services to the disabled; Mark James Bowerman, for political service; John Michael Bowers, chairman, Consumer Credit Licensing Appeals, for services to consumer affairs; Seamus Brendan Boyle, grade 7, Industrial Development Board, Northern Ireland Civil Service; Anthony Charles Brown, managing director, F C Brown (Steel Equipment), for services to the steel industry; Craig Milne Brown, principal, Dundee College of Further Education, for services to further education; Professor Kenneth Martin Brown, lately president, South Wales Institute of Engineers, for services to health and safety; Rowland Percival Brown, headteacher, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, for services to education; Walter Charles Brown, vice president and national treasurer, 1940 Dunkirk Veterans Association; Donald Hood Brydon, chairman, Barclays de Zoete Wedd Investment Management, for services to commerce; John Burn, headmaster, Longbenton Community College, Newcastle upon Tyne, for services to education; Mrs Annie Dick Burnett, chairman, Social Work Committee, Borders Regional Council, for services to local government; Denis Jack Butt, grade 7, plant pathologist, Horticulture Research International; Thomas James Carr, artist, for services to art; John Carol Case, for services to music; Lt Col Colin Cheshire, for services to rifle shooting; David Nigel Chesters, grade 7, HM Board of Customs and Excise; Robert Charles Clark, grade 6, Department of the Environment; Richard Clough, general secretary, Social Care Association, for services to residential child care; Kenneth Howard Coates, executive chairman and chief executive, Meggitt, for services to export and to the aerospace industry; Colin George Campbell Cocks, vice chairman, Dowty Electronic Systems Division, Dowty Group, for services to the defence industry; Morris Cohen, chairman, Morris Cohen (Underwear), for services to the clothing industry; David Lionel Coleman, president, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, for services to pharmacy; Peter John Cooper, consultant engineer, Sainsburys, for services to food refrigeration; Martin Dewe Corke, chairman, West Suffolk Health Authority, for services to the NHS; Graham Ronald Court, leader, Rhymney Valley District Council, for services to local government in Wales; Herbert Colin Coxall, life president, Association of International Courier and Express Services, for services to the courier industry; Stanley Albert Coxhead, founder, Association of Authorised Public Accountants, for services to accountancy; Alan Croston, Chief Probation Officer, Somerset Probation Service; Richard Cummings, member, Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum, for services to education; Walter Hugh Davidson, managing director, Peter Scott and Company, for services to the knitwear industry; Professor Albina Catherine De La Mare, Professor of Palaeography, King's College, London; Alan De Pennington, Professor of Computer Aided Engineering, University of Leeds, for services to science; Capt Ebenezer Thomson Denholm, chairman, Cornwall Branch, Soldiers', Sailors', and Airmen's Families Association; Gordon Ernest Francis Denman, principal collector of taxes, HM Board of Inland Revenue; John Denton, grade 6, Office of Population Censuses and Surveys; John Kennedy Dewar, for political service; Dr Kenneth Edward Donnan, chairman, Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health, for services to the mentally ill in Northern Ireland; Mrs Elizabeth Deirdre Doocey, for political and public service; Philip Percy Cooper Drabble, naturalist, writer and broadcaster; James Michael Durose, lately grade 7, Home Office; Maurice George Ebison, lately deputy chief executive, Institute of Physics, for services to science; Peter Robert Ellis, lately director, Veterinary Epidemiology Economics Research Unit, University of Reading, for services to science; Arthur John Evans, headteacher, Penydre High School, Merthyr Tydfil, for services to education; Harry Marshall Fairhurst, consultant architect to English Heritage, for services to architecture; Peter Gilbert Fitzgerald, managing director, Fitzgerald Lighting, for services to the lighting industry and to economic development in Cornwall; Professor George Dick Forwell, chief administrative medical officer and director of public health, Greater Glasgow Health Board, for services to medicine in Scotland; Ian Fowler, principal chief clerk, Inner London Magistrates' Court Service, for services to the judicial system; Dr Hans Ludwig Frankel, consultant, National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, for services to medicine; Robert Wilkinson Fraser, director, Water and Drainage Services, Borders Regional Council, for services to local government; George Philip Furze, lately DS5C grade, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Samuel Richard Gallop, honorary chairman, Opportunities for People with Disabilities, for services to the disabled; Professor William Gelletly, Professor of Physics, University of Surrey, for services to science; Dr Tony Gibson, for services to the Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation; Henry Samuel Oscroft Gilbert, president, Merseyside and Cheshire Rent Assessment Panel, for public service in Merseyside; Alexander Glass, chairman, Children's Panel, Highland Region; Miss Rumer Godden, (Mrs Margaret Haynes Dixon), novelist, for services to literature; Mrs Florence Barbara Grains, chairman, Shetland Health Board, for services to the NHS; Stanley Hagan, grade 7, chief clerk, Liverpool Combined Court Centre, Lord Chancellor's Department; Anthony John Hall, grade 6, Ministry of Defence; Thomas Douglas Hall, principal scientific officer, Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, Scottish Office; Jonathan David Harris, president, Continuing Professional Development Foundation, for services to further education; David Heaton, lately consultant, Museums and Galleries Commission, for services to heritage; Kenneth James Heyes, bursar, King Alfred's College Hampshire, for services to higher education; Mrs Anne Mary Hobson, for political and public service; Henry Egar Garfield Hodge, for services to the Social Security Advisory Committee; Miss Anna Margaret Home, head of children's programmes, BBC Television, for services to broadcasting; Professor Norman Webster Hudson, for services to soil conservation; Evelyn Gervase Carson Hulbert, chairman, Moore Stephens International, for services to accountancy; Miss Mary Millicent Hulbert, headteacher, The Willink School, Reading, for services to education; Dr Donald Hunt, for services to the Three Choirs Festival, Worcester; Philip Alexander Hunt, director, National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts, for services to the NHS; Hubert Robin Hutton, lately director general, British Merchant Banking and Securities Houses Association, for services to the finance industry; George Howard Jackson, deputy chief executive, Royal Agricultural Society of England, for services to agriculture.David Jason, (David White), actor, for services to drama; James Jeffrey, farmer, for services to Agriculture in the Borders, Scotland; Miss Celia Avril Rees-Jenkins, grade 7, Department of the Environment; Terence Anthony Johnson, inspector of taxes SP, HM Board of Inland Revenue; Adam Johnstone, chairman, Broadwood Trust, for charitable services to the Royal Academy of Music; Graham Laurie Jones, grade 7, Department of Transport; Neville Jones, for political and public service; Noel Jordan, lately chairman, Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee, for services to the construction industry; Mrs Patricia Jorgensen, chairman of the council, the Children's Society, for services to young people.ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE DAMES COMMANDER (DBE) Miss Thora Hird, actress, for services to drama; Mrs Muriel Sarah Spark, writer, for services to literature.

KNIGHTS COMMANDER (KBE) John Crichton-Stuart, Marquess of Bute, for services to the arts and heritage, and to public life in Scotland; Sir Peter Parker, for services to public life.Miss Felicity Joan Palmer, opera singer, for services to music; David Lewis Pascall, lately chairman, National Curriculum Council, for services to education; Professor John Allan Patmore, vice chairman, Sports Council, for services to sport; Anthony Cecil Peak, joint deputy chief executive, VSEL Consortium, for services to submarine building; Edward John Peett, director, Vodafone Group, for services to the telecommunications industry; Christopher Selwyn Porteous, solicitor for the Metropolitan Police, for services to the Metropolitan Police; Dr Ian Mathieson Hamilton Preston, chief executive, Scottish Power, for services to the electricity industry.George Karoly Radda, British Heart Foundation Professor of Molecular Cardiology, University of Oxford, for services to science; John Rayner, Rabbi Emeritus, Liberal Jewish Synagogue; Brynley Roberts, librarian, National Library for Wales, for services to the Welsh language and literature and to librarianship in Wales; Edward John Roberts, chief executive, Heath Springs, for services to business and to public life in the West Midlands; John Arthur Robson, senior principal inspector of taxes, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; Duncan Alexander Ross, lately chairman, Southern Electric, for services to the electricity supply industry; John Alexander Ross, president, National Farmers' Union of Scotland, for services to agriculture in Scotland; Simon John Sacher, chairman, Whitehall and Industry Group, for services to industry; Mrs Mary Ethel Salisbury, lately chairperson, Wiltshire County Council, for services to local government; Peter Sebastian, for public services in London; Clifford William Smith, for services to local government, particularly in East Anglia; Professor David Grahame Grahame-Smith, chairman, Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs; Professor Harry Smith, for services to the Ministry of Defence; Graham Henry Stacy, Director of Professional Standards, Price Waterhouse Europe, for services to accountancy; Dr (Isobel Jane) Nuala Sterling, chairman, Standing Medical Advisory Committee, for services to medicine; Rex Herbert Moss Symons, chairman, The Poole Hospital Trust, for service to training and education.Bernard David Taylor, executive chairman, Medeva, for services to export and to the pharmaceutical industry; Professor Jean Olwen Thomas, Professor of Macromolecular Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, for services to science; Peter Colum Tudball, chairman, The Baltic Exchange, for services to the shipping industry; Alan David Tuffin, general secretary, Union of Communication Workers, for services to industrial relations and to health and safety; Denis Tunnicliffe, managing director, London Underground, for services to transport in London.William Guy Walker, chairman, Van den Berghs and Jurgens, for services to the food industry; Commander Leslie Michael Macdonald Saunders Watson, Royal Navy (Retired), lately chairman, The British Library Board; Dr Roger Williams, consultant physician, King's College Hospital; director, Institute of Liver Studies, King's College, London; Alexander Winton, HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services for Scotland; Charles Richard Woosnam, Forestry Commissioner, for services to the forestry industry.Miss Wendy Anne Jopling Ramshaw, (Mrs Watkins), jeweller, for services to art; Derek Rawson, lately city engineer, Birmingham, for services to municipal engineering; Dr James Dudley Read, director, National Health Service Centre for Coding and Classification, for services to medicine; Maj Norman Ricketts, chairman 75th Anniversary Committee, King George's Fund for Sailors; Miss Anne Christine Elizabeth Rider, retired maternity services manager, University College Hospital London, for services to the midwifery profession; Rex Roberts, for political and public service; Robin John Kerfoot Roberts, grade 6, Department of Social Security; Douglas George Robertson, vice president, Royal Scottish Corporation, for services to the elderly in London; James Robson, divisional veterinary officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Harold Kenneth Rose, member, Norfolk County Council, for services to local government; Miss (Katherine) Patricia Routledge, actress, for services to drama; Andrew Roxburgh, for services to association football; Brian David Scott, director, Great Western, British Railways, for services to rail transport; John Arthur Seaman, doctor, Save the Children Fund, for services to world health; John Norman Sefton, chairman, British Visqueen, for service to the chemical and plastic industries; Michael Aylwin Selfe, lately county surveyor, Essex County Council, for services to highways engineering; Mrs Penelope Ann Seligman, chair, Board of Visitors, HM Prison Whitemoor, for services to prison board of visitors.

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