Spark plug dating guide

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Since the Plug is down in a tube/valley, that gromet grabs hold of the end of the spark plug in order for you to pull it out safely and neatly.(You can use this socket to install you new plugs as well but thats further down the road.) You can view for an example of how the spark plug fits in the socket.

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There are 'performance' wire sets out there for almost 80 bucks, the Value Grade 7mm wires I bought at Pep Boys were 17 dollars, which is as reasonable as you are gonna get, and probably what the mechanic would use if you paid him a ridiculous charge to do something you yourself can do. Remember just becasue you bought an inexpensive set of wires or plugs, that doesn't mean they are "cheap." (that word is so often used in the car world it makes me ill).I apologize for the terrible handwriting, I was using a laptop mouse pad that follows where your finger goes and it is not too I also took a picture (show the products I used to replace the old Plugs and Wires.If you have oil in the valley as did I in the picture I suggest cleaning it before you put the new plugs in.My wife being a veterinarian, had the long wooden q-tips which worked well and didn't leave lint or dust behind as would a towel or tissue.There are tons of threads in the forums of this website with opinions on what to use.

I personally feel like most of us bought this economy car for... With that said, I am not trying to bash others for what they used.

Take note that I am not a mechanic and if you have a problem with your car before or after you tune it up, although you can ask me I probably won't give the correct answers. I dont know if you can go to a chevy dealer to replace the screws.

I suggest using a sandwich baggy to keep track of the four screws.

shows what the valley/tube where the spark plug goes into.

As you can see, you cannot stick your finger down there which is why you need the spark plug socket with an extension.

Being new to tune-ups, I decided to go one at a time, left-right.