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The husband and father of four managed to traverse the high stakes minefield at great risk to both himself and his family, enduring death threats and on more than one occasion forced to relocate his wife and children out of harm’s way.But until his recent passing this last July at age 76, the inimitable John De Camp persevered, ultimately unveiling the horrific abuse and grossest injustice perpetrated on hundreds of Nebraska children through his hard fought and not always successful quest for justice along with his blockbuster exposé, summarizing the Franklin debacle this way: It’s a web of intrigue that starts in our holy of holies, Boys Town Nebraska, one of the most respected institutions in the United States, and spreads out like a spider web to Washington DC right up to the steps of the nation’s capital, steps of the White House.

The Franklin truth bomb only demonstrates that despite its earlier exposure, during the ensuing decades the ruling elite puppet masters behind the child sex trafficking network have only stepped up their global criminal operation.

That’s how pervasive and absolute the sinister controllers’ power at the top is.

And as it is, its television broadcast ban has persisted to this very day, but thanks to De Camp and the internet, it’s still widely available.

But let’s first learn the very important, harsh and bitter pill of a lesson from the pedophilia primer of the ages - the Franklin scandal.

Before proceeding, at the outset a distinction must be made that media accounts of this scandal invariably use inaccurate, misleading terminology to describe child sex slaves as call boys and child prostitutes, and instead of identifying these pedophilia crimes as a child sex trafficking operation, it’s typically referred to as simply child prostitution.

At 46 million and counting, both human slavery and child sex slavery today shamefully stand at an all-time high in the history of Homo sapiens walking this earth.

Likewise, the pedophilia Empire has never been more gargantuan a beast and a metastasized worldwide epidemic than it is at this very moment.and elsewhere to be sodomized by the likes of Vice President turned President George H. Bush and sexually exploited by other sick political big wigs like Dick Cheney and former New Hampshire Governor-US Senator John Sununu.Yep, big Dick’s scandalously caught up in yet another coldblooded Luciferian scheme more than a decade before his masterminded signature devilry of 9/11. Speaking of fellow demons, the main character in the Franklin drama was Lawrence E.By definition, prostitution connotes a mutually agreed upon transaction of financial gain for one party in exchange for volitionally provided bodily services to another.Conscripted, abducted, drugged and tortured abused child sex slaves who earn virtually zero money as rape victims, criminally and brutally exploited by both pimps and perpetrators alike, through sexual trauma and financial profit going near exclusively to adult criminals - not the child victims, should never be misconstrued as child prostitution, even when a monetary exchange between pimp and perpetrator does occur.Even a 17-year old minor who “by choice” engages in sex for money is a victim, especially when economic and cultural factors so often present are considered.

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