Seinfeld dating

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Seinfeld dating

He tried to get her attention and she kept ignoring him.

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Jerry hilariously chooses the voice over her (words cannot do it justice).He finally gives it up and gets back together with Claire because George and Kramer are tired of the voice.The episode ends with Kramer testing out his oil tanker bladder idea as he drops a rubber ball full of oil off the top of Jerry’s apartment which lands directly on Claire’s head.Laura has the ability to read lips, and George comes up with the bright idea to bring her to a party to read his ex girlfriend’s lips to see what she’s saying about him.Gwen starts to converse with a man, and Laura springs into action, signing out the whole conversation while Kramer (who apparently knows sign language) reports to George.Much to his dismay, her name was actually “Donna Changstein” and she shortened it.

Jerry ponders if this is simply a coincidence, or does she actually think she’s Chinese?

Throughout the episode she portrays Chinese stereotypes, such as having an interest for acupuncture and mispronouncing words, notably referring to the word “ridiculous” as “ridicurous.” Jerry finally blurts out: “You know, you’re not Chinese!

” (George was more infatuated with the hot fudge sundae).

It’s hard to believe that Seinfeld has been off the air for 15 years.

Terms that were coined on the show such as “close talker” and “re-gifter” are still met with a smile even to this day.

Kramer messes up one of the signs and says “sleep” instead of “sweep” and George goes on a rant, and ultimately gets poked in the eye and topples over a table.

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