Online masterbation cam

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Online masterbation cam

If you like cockteasing and having a Masturbatrix tell you what to do, but you're not much into the Orgasm Denial, then you will be interested in our Guided Masturbation sessions.

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Our Aneros users have reported more intense orgasms and increase volume of ejaculate while using the Aneros.I know you miss stroking your cock, but beggars can’t be choosers, as you well know.As the month’s tick by, you’ll be grateful to get even that!If you’ve ever had a chastity tease, cock tease, tease and denial, or tease and delay session with Me, you’ve probably heard of the excellent news I learned from the medical establishment some time ago: as long as your prostate is milked, there is no physical reason you need to ejaculate at all!The dribble of creamy slut juice that oozes from the end of your cage as a result of a targeted rectal reaming is more than enough to keep you in tip-top shape, medically-speaking.If you desire, this final session will be a group session, with multiple Mistresses on the phone with you.

The Mistresses may vote on whether you get to have an orgasm.

So you must be on your best behavior throughout your training, or you might not get to cum at all!

Orgasm Denial training sessions are highly customizable; you can speak with your Headmistress at the start of any training program, to negotiate your training frequency, and whether you get to have an orgasm during the final orgasm denial session. You might be required to start the circuit all over again with no orgasm at all - so you'd better behave.

We're especially looking forward to trainees who would like to experience the Advanced Group Orgasm Denial Training program.

In this program, you will submit yourself to teasing and training by ALL of the Mistresses at Cock Control.

But once the orgasm denial session starts, that's it. After the start of an orgasm denial session, there is no room for compromise. You want to be teased to the brink of orgasm, and kept there, the pleasure almost too intense to tolerate. You can also improve your sex life by using tease and denial to learn orgasm control.