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And, conversely, we might be eating unsafe food because we’re placing more trust in those dates than we should.

But labeling hasn’t even achieved that modest goal, according to the report, which was released Wednesday.

Each year, an obscene amount of food is wasted in the US and around the world – and confusing and inconsistent food date labels are making the matter worse.

According to another NRDC report published last year, 40 percent of all the food produced in the US never gets eaten.

According to a recent FAO report, the global carbon footprint of food produced by not eaten is the equivalent of 3.3 gigatons of CO annually – which would make food waste the third largest contributor to climate change, behind the US and China.

Food waste happens for many complex reasons, people’s misinterpretation of date labels on foods being just one of them.

“New Hampshire requires a label for cream but not milk.

Some states, like Alabama, don’t require food labels, but restrict the sale of foods after they’ve passed.

So, we set off to seize that opportunity starting with this report.” While many people place a lot of confidence in food date labels, the labeling system is, in fact, an ad-hoc system with no oversight and little consistency.

The labels are not federally regulated and can vary from state to state.

And the food industry responded–by stamping dates on more and more foods over time.

(The number of products carrying such labels is still on the rise, says Gunders.) Efforts to create uniform federal regulation regarding date labels in the decades since have failed, says Leib.

“Ironically, despite the original intention of increasing consumer knowledge about their food, date labeling has become a largely incoherent signaling device for consumers,” the report says.

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