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Next: Click here to jump to the TABLE OF CONTENTS:~ for Mexican IMMIGRATION ISSUES and Rules … and view Topics & links to the specific Section you want to get all the details & requirements not listed in the General Summary (above).

As you enter Mexico, be sure to check that INM ONLY gives you a 30 day visa.

Excuses of old age, forgetting to return, or having a broken-down unreliable car are not accepted by INM.

~ Large Variability in Stringent or Lenient Mexican Consular Visa Qualification Policies: Each Mexican Consulate has their own special rules.

and forces you to go back to the Consulate in the USA and start all over.

If you drive into Mexico with a foreign plated car, Aduana now only gives 30 day Temporary Import Permits for vehicles, because you only get a 30 day INM visa at first.

******* June 13, 2017 Updates ~ INM has changed their policy on Residente Temporal visas with permission to work for a company who have changed to being self employed, as INM now denies renewals when someone changes to self-employment.

INM states that the original RT visa entry conditions no longer exist when a foreigner changes to being self-employed from working for a Mexican employer.

~ Humanitarin visas: Qualifying people who find themselves stuck in Mexico (unable to travel) due to health reasons may now get humanitarian visas.

They must get a letter from a government clinic doctor describing their condition(s), also stating that they are unable to travel.

Once approved for meeting the Personal Fiscal Solvency requirements, the Consulate approves you to go continue the process at your local INM office inside Mexico.

The Consulate puts a stamp in your passport as a special visa gives you permission to enter Mexico for 30 days to continue your Residency application at your local Mexican INM office.

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