Lauren conrad dating stephen

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Since her teenage days on "Laguna Beach," the quest to find the perfect guy had always thrown Lauren for more than a few loops.Escaping the friend zone with Stephen Colletti proved impossible, dating Jason Wahler cost her tube upon tube of waterproof mascara and Brody Jenner wasn't exactly ready to settle down.

On Saturday, a few stars from the hit MTV reality series reunited to attend Dieter Schmitz’s wedding in Monterey, California.

The backdrop pulled away, revealing that the final scene actually took place on a studio backlot.

“I think our ending was phenomenal,” Gateley remarks.

The 27-year-old’s high school girlfriend Alex wed Kyle Johnson on October 25 at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu – the very spot where Jason tied the knot with his ‘everything’ Ashley Slack a year earlier.‘I just found it funny that she got married at the same exact venue that I did,’ he told Us. ‘I grew up very fortunate, I was privileged, I have a great family, my own morals and everything were lost through that experience of the entertainment business and it was something that I’ll never forget and it’s brought me exactly to where I am today.’‘The first thing [people] ask me is “Do you blame those shows? It hit hard, and I was able to see it sooner than later.’When Us Weekly asked the star what advice he would give his younger self, Jason initially quipped: ‘Don’t drink.’ But he then added to the website: ‘I was so caught up with stuff on the outside — what society depicts is awesome whether it’s fame, money, cars — it’s important to embrace in everything and spend more time with family and friends and things that I cherish so much now.’As for why she decided to do the show, the newlywed said: ‘We had such a following from Laguna and we are amazed at the amount of people we had following us still 10 years later.

On Sunday, Lauren Conrad took to her website to joyfully announce that boyfriend William Tell had popped the question.

“When I saw the one with Lauren, you know at that point, everyone knew that Brody was dating Avril Lavigne … you know, when Audrina and Bobby were fighting in a parking lot outside of some LA club, they would rally and pull the production van up, and put the headlights on and caught it.”WATCH: Go Inside Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's Crystal-Filled Home!

It was so untrue to what was really going on.”.“The network got really scared that we weren’t putting testimonials in there,” Gateley shares. The first two seasons of the show were just 10 and 12 episodes, respectively. But once they were in there, you know, we weren’t making anything happen.” “[There was] a need to produce more episodes, not necessarily more drama,” she adds.Like, do Lauren and [ co-star] Stephen [Colletti] sort of wake-up in bed, kind of Bob Newhart-style? But we knew we had something special because it confused people.”Gateley says she pushed back, telling her bosses the editing would fill in the story holes they wanted the interviews to cover.“That’s where the editors also were our storytellers,” she says.”“I think in terms of what would remain in the zeitgeist of America, the clever wink ... “That was my decision to end it with the Hollywood sign pulling away.”The alternate ending, which surfaced years after the final episode aired, saw Jenner coming “home” to find Conrad sitting on the couch, as if they had been together the whole time since she left the series. ” Lauren asks, before giddily laughing.“[Adam] didn’t really have the beats laid out as much as the one that aired,” Gateley says. “We had the best editors in the business, and the best field people that caught things that we would’ve never been able to catch …Jason Wahler: No one could have predicted that Lauren would fall for the charms of Laguna's most notorious bad boy, but she and Jason seemed to fit together perfectly -- at first.She forgave Jason once for cheating on her with his ex, Jessica, but ultimately, his own jealousy was too much for Lauren to take, and it led to the couple's undoing.‘I don’t really talk to Lauren at all anymore, the last time we talked was probably six months ago or something,’ he told Us Weekly. He added: ‘A lot of us are actually talking more now than we did in the past, more the Laguna Beach cast.