How to look intimidating wikihow

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How to look intimidating wikihow

Both recipes are also ones that I am very familiar with; there aren't a lot of surprises there.

We're planning on baking several sizes of each cake and stacking them with stiff whipped cream between the layers.• Keep presentation simple - Unless you're just stacking layers simply by themselves or with whipped cream, forget the pillars and plates and expensive custom building materials.I would far rather buy a few pretty cake plates or stands and serve the layers separately.I want to not only protest that, but also offer some sort of homemade hospitality at this rather special, rather big, party. So I am planning on making our wedding cake with my own two hands.Hey, if Molly of Orangette can do it then I can too! We'll pair it up with a honey ice cream (perhaps with a touch of lavender? Now, here is where we return to the subject at hand.Any reasonably experienced friend or relative can be delegated to stack and assemble. • Splurge on the decorations - A wedding cake with just whipped cream or powdered sugar can go over the top with just a few decorative touches.

Check out Wendy Kromer's handmade confections for a treat to dress up your cake.

We told you that we were going to give tips on DIY wedding meals, catering planning, and more, but there's one thing we didn't tell you......

which is that I (Faith) am recently engaged, and getting married in mid-September. ), but I do want to draw on my experiences as things move forward. It just about kills me that I can't make all the food for my wedding.

Time to talk about wedding cake and how, honestly, it's not that difficult to do it yourself - or at least keep it inside the family, if you have a good home baker to help you out.

This is the next in an ongoing series this summer on wedding food.

• Think seasonally - fruit is your friend - And finally, I really think that all the fancy icing in the world will never be as pretty as an in-season strawberry.