Divorced parents dating again

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And it’s important to tell your kids that you’re not bringing this person in to replace the other parent.Regardless of how old your children are, take your cues from them and answer their questions openly, with age-appropriate language, Blackwell said.

“You may not feel like you have to get their permission, but remember, how they react to this person could affect how the kids react,” she said.

Try saying something like "I'm going to go see a movie with a friend on Friday night.

I've asked your favorite babysitter to come to stay with you, and I'm going to order a pizza and rent a video for the two of you to watch." When you return home from your night out, resist the urge to tell your son all about the date you just had. If dating someone eventually leads to a deeper relationship, you can always talk to your new friend about how you would like him to behave when he finally meets your son.

“You don’t really want the kids bonding with someone new unless you know that person’s going to be around for a while,” Blackwell said.

It’s fine to talk about people you’ve met, but she advises against bringing them home right away.

A: Actually, the best thing for you to do would be to leave your son out of it.

"At age 9, children are most concerned about getting the love, care, and attention that they need," notes Robin Goldstein, a Potomac, MD- based child-development specialist.

“When you’re no longer angry, when you begin to accept and recognize your responsibility for the (previous) relationship falling apart,” said Blackwell.

And when you don’t flinch at the mere thought of your former partner being romantically involved with someone else.

Q: I'm a divorced parent and I plan to begin dating again.

How can I help my 9-year-old son feel comfortable with this decision?

"Organizing a few brief, casual meetings is the best way to help your son with the transition in the beginning," Goldstein comments.

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