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They were followed by three more children, Olga (born 1871), Dmitry (born 1874), and Maria (born 1878).

On his last summer visit home he spent his time preparing a dissertation on Annelides and worked constantly with his microscope.

(9) Alexander Ulyanov became a member of the People's Will (Narodnaya Volya) and organization that had assassinated Alexander II and now had plans to kill his son, Alexander III.

In secret meetings at his apartment, plans were laid to kill the Tsar on 1st March 1887, the sixth anniversary of the assassination of his father.

(4) However, as his critics pointed out: "With a population of sixty-seven million, Russia had twenty-three million serfs belonging to 103,000 landlords.

The arable land which the freed peasantry had to rent or buy was valued at about double its real value (342 million roubles instead of 180 million); yesterday's serfs discovered that, in becoming free, they were now hopelessly in debt." (5) It is claimed that Ilya Ulyanov "believed in change, redemption, improvement, enlightenment, good deeds, cold baths, fresh air, and self-discipline" When the Tsar was assassinated in April 1881, he was extremely upset and left his office immediately, came home, put on his uniform and went to the cathedral, where a memorial service was conducted.

On a quarter of a sheet of paper he would make an outline together with the introduction and conclusion.

He would then take another sheet, fold it in half, and make a rough draft on the left side of the paper, in accordance with his outline. Here he would enter additions, explanations, corrections, as well as source indications...

Vladimir Illich Ulyanov (later known as Lenin) was born in Simbirsk, Russia, on 10th April, 1870.

His father, Ilya Ulyanov, a former science teacher, had recently become a local schools inspector.

"The date was advanced several days when the terrorists learned that the Tsar was planning to leave for his summer palace in the Crimea.

Assassins were planted in the square before St Isaac's Cathedral.

for the task of supervising elementary education in a bleak province of about one million inhabitants." (2) Lenin was educated at the Simbirsk Gymnasium.

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