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It concludes with a description of how Cyrus repaired the city wall of Babylon and found a similar inscription placed there by an earlier king.

He wrote in his memoirs, Asshur and the land of Nimrod, that the Cylinder had been found in a mound at the southern end of Babylon near the village of Jumjuma or Jimjima.

It was built up with extra layers of clay to give it a cylindrical shape before a fine surface slip of clay was added to the outer layer, on which the text is inscribed.

It was excavated in several fragments, having apparently broken apart in antiquity.

Although the Cylinder clearly post-dates Cyrus the Great's conquest of Babylon in 539 BC, the date of its creation is unclear.

It is commonly said to date to the early part of Cyrus's reign over Babylon, some time after 539 BC.

The British Museum puts the Cylinder's date of origin at between 539–530 BC.

A number of lines at the start and end of the text are too badly damaged for more than a few words to be legible.The text is written in an extremely formulaic style that can be divided into six distinct parts: The beginning of the text is partly broken; the surviving content reprimands the character of the deposed Babylonian king Nabonidus.It lists his alleged crimes, charging him with the desecration of the temples of the gods and the imposition of forced labor upon the populace.It is currently in the possession of the British Museum, which sponsored the expedition that discovered the cylinder.It was created and used as a foundation deposit following the Persian conquest of Babylon in 539 BC, when the Neo-Babylonian Empire was invaded by Cyrus and incorporated into his Persian Empire.He soon uncovered a number of important buildings including the Ésagila temple.

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