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ask the landlord or agent for a refund of the amount that you believe you're entitled to get back.You can make this request by phone or e-mail, but you should follow it up with a letter.

When you receive the itemized statement, you may decide that you want copies of the landlord's invoices, receipts and any good faith estimate.

The waiver form given to you by the landlord must include the text of the security deposit law that describes your right to receive receipts.

What if the repairs cost less than 6 or you waived your right to receive copies of invoices, receipts and any good faith estimate?

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The letter should state the reasons that you believe the deductions are improper, and the amount that you feel should be returned to you. It's a good idea to send the letter to the landlord or agent by certified mail and to request a return receipt to prove that the landlord or agent received the letter.

Or, you can deliver the letter personally and ask the landlord or agent to acknowledge receipt by signing and dating your copy of the letter.

If the landlord or agent still doesn't send you the refund that you think you're entitled to receive, try to work out a reasonable compromise that is acceptable to both of you.

You also can suggest that the dispute be mediated by a neutral third person or agency (Getting Help From a Third Party.) You can contact one of the agencies listed in Appendix 3 for assistance.

According to a California Supreme Court decision, the landlord loses the right to keep any of the security deposit and must return the entire deposit to you.

You should contact one of the agencies listed in Getting Help From a Third Party for advice.

If none of this works, you may want to take legal action (see below).

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