Bind master slave not updating

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For assistance with problems and questions for which you have not been able to find an answer in our Knowledge Base, we recommend searching our community mailing list archives and/or posting your question there (you will need to register there first for your posts to be accepted).The bind-users and the dhcp-users lists particularly have a long-standing and active membership.

The frequency with which this type of refresh takes place is controlled by the settings in the zone's SOA record.The term 'masters' here doesn't mean that the servers listed have to have the zone configured as 'master' - it just means that these servers so listed are authoritative for the zone and can provide a zone update if one is requested of them.Slave servers can provide zone updates to other slaves.row *************************** Id: 8 User: system user Host: db: NULL Command: Connect Time: 462 State: Slave has read all relay log; waiting for the slave I/O thread to update it Info: NULL *************************** 5.row *************************** Id: 9 User: rdsadmin Host: localhost db: NULL Command: Sleep Time: 11 State: cleaned up Info: NULL *************************** 6.This was done to improve performance, but at the sacrifice of being able to easily view the contents of the files.

With the combination of caching software solutions (sssd, nscd, cached zone files, ttl’s, etc), it can make debugging more difficult.If a valid notify is received where the notify carries a serial number larger than the one in the SOA currently served by the slave then the slave zone will again schedule a zone refresh, following exactly the same process it would use if the zone refresh was initiated on timer - behaves exactly as if the zone refresh timer has expired.ISC relies on the financial support of the community to fund the development of its open source software products.If you would like to support future product evolution and maintenance as well having peace of mind knowing that our team of experts are poised to provide you with individual technical assistance whenever you call upon them, then please consider our Professional Subscription Support services - details can be found on our main website.In order to view the raw binary content, it must be converted to text first: It’s an added layer of complexity, but if you need the microscopic performance boost, that’s the way to go.