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Patient D said that she was sent to do to CD4 in October.During her visit on 20/11/2015, she was shouted at by four counsellors and told that her CD4 was not done and that she would not be issued tablets.

Since Bowring is a Centre of Excellence, many patients come from other districts.

The reason being given is that the samples have to be tested ‘outside’.

This makes the reliability of the test doubtful and leads to lack of accountability by the laboratory.

Although they were issued a strict warning that work should not suffer, the CD4 collection was stopped at 10.30 am.

When this issue was raised to the nodal officer, his response was that on government and general holidays, the lab technicians can stop collecting CD4 samples at 10.30 am as he felt that there was no need to collect samples till 1 pm and keep them in the fridge for processing the next day as per protocol.

Patient was sent back again by the MO and then the CD4 was done the second time.

This was the day of the planned strike by the KSAPS employees for a pay hike.Urine tests are not being done as there are no containers to collect urine.People who have some influence are told to bring urine in tea cups and that they will be tested.If they reach after 1 pm they are asked to come back again.Given the fact that travel allowance by Karnataka State AIDS Control Society (KSAPS) has been stopped several months ago and several patients are either daily wage labourers or unable to work because of their HIV status, it is important that patients are adequately counselled and informed one month early about the need to do CD4 count.The mission and vision of the hospital was to bring about a work culture encompassing commitment, sincerity, transparency and humane touch to providing services to all the patients coming to this hospital.