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Once I let go of my pictures of who I thought I should be with, really just started paying attention to everyone and allowed myself a little bit of a wider net of who I’d date and hang out with, I met the man of my dreams — but he didn’t come in a package I expected. Oftentimes, we have programs running in our own minds that we’re unaware of.

” You don’t know what’s wrong with it until you clean out the system.I was lucky enough to start stumbling upon this work in my early 20s.I recognized how much of my life was being run by programs that I absorbed as a little girl growing up in New Jersey, which is why all the men in my life were Italian and looked a particular way.It was almost like a light came on and I was like, “Whoa!Why am I dating the same guy over and over again just in different bodies with different names?If you’ve ever been around someone who’s fully present and really engaged in what they’re doing, most of us can see they’re instantly attractive, even if they may not be our particular “type.” There’s that life force, that vitality, that energy that exudes from them that you just want to be around.

So, if you’re not present most of the time, but you bring awareness to that and start practicing staying engaged for longer and longer to actually build up the in-the-moment muscle, I like to call it, life takes on a dramatically different flavor.Since I wrote the book, that’s probably one of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that men want to feel like they’re a good man and, if they’re intrinsically good and you affirm that in them, and you verbally appreciate them as “that was a great job,” or “thanks for helping me here,” they feel like a rock star.e H: So you think that’s more important than them getting a trophy woman? Having someone by your side who believes in you and who loves who you are…because, I think, especially, when we’re dating, of course, physical attraction is important, but all of us know our looks are not going to last forever.Marie: In my humble opinion, it is learning to be present and the art of presence in your life.It sounds a little bit disconnected, but in my experience, when you’re fully present and you’re engaged in your life — passionately engaged in your life — your work, your friends, your social life, cooking, hobbies, you instantly become more attractive.We have these idealized pictures in our minds of our perfect man and, while it’s great to have standards in terms of how someone is going to treat you, if they’re honest, compassionate, funny, or fun loving, those things we don’t want to change, but what I’ve seen is that with many women is, a perfect person often comes in a package they don’t expect. I’m from New Jersey and I had a habit of dating the same kind of guy over and over. There were all these different things, yet the man was so in alignment and so what I’d always wanted and never knew I could get. How did you get out of the rut of picking the wrong guy over and over again?

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